Antergos Linux Project Discontinued

Antergos project has been announced about their project ends on yesterday (May 21, 2019).

Antergos is beginner-friendly Arch Linux based distribution, which started seven years ago (2012-13) and quickly became an awesome Linux distribution.

Beginners are don’t like Arch Linux since the installation steps are very difficult for them.

Antergos took the challenge and made Arch Linux accessible to everyone by providing a simple and user friendly installation steps.

The project has gained popularity in 2014 and became a popular distribution.

As per their records, it was downloaded close to a million times (931,439 unique downloads).

We have noticed that there were no activity from the project over the past several months due to lack of free time for the Dev team.

Finally they came to the decision to discontinue the project. The same has been announced in their blog.

The project’s code still works, provides an opportunity for interested developers to take what they find useful and start their own projects.

What Happens for existing Antergos users?

Existing Antergos users no need to worry about your installed systems as they will continue to receive updates directly from Arch.

Antergos team will be releasing an update soon, which removes the Antergos repos from an existing system along with any Antergos-specific packages.

After that, Antergos-specific installed packages will be getting an update directly from the AUR repository, if it’s exist on it.

Antergos Forum and Wiki page status:

The Antergos Forum and Wiki pages will continue to be available for more than three months.

What are the alternative distributions for Antergos users?

If you are looking for an alternative distributions then i would suggest you to check the following distributions.

The best choice would be Manjaro. Even, i would prefer to go with Manjaro Linux as this gained lot of popularity among other Arch based distributions.

  • Manjaro
  • Chakra
  • Velt OS

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