Archman Xfce 2019-09 is Released with Some Improvements and a Number of Bug Fixes

Talliana has announced the new release of Archman XFS 2019-09 on September 05, 2019 and named it “Lake with Fish”.

In this release you will see a 70% centered panel at the bottom of the screen. With this panel’s smart hiding feature, the entire screen will be in your use.

Also, window tasks are grouped as icon in the panel.

To make the distro more elegant, they used the Surf Arch icon by default instead of the Papyrus icon set.

They fixed many bugs that were found in the previous release.

Also, they have added TKPACMAN to Archman repositories according to community recommendations.

Updated Packages:

  • linux 5.2.11.arch1-1
  • pamac-aur 8.0.4-1
  • surfn-icons-git 9.7-5
  • archman-settings-manager 0.5.5-4
  • archman-example-files 20190831-1
  • archman-wallpapers 20190903-1
  • archman-xfce-settings 20190902-2
  • Qogir-light-theme 20190103-1
  • calamares 3.2.13-1
  • firefox 69.0-1
  • Xfce4 4.14 Kararlı Sürüm
  • libreoffice-still 6.2.6-1
  • gimp 2.10.12-2
  • inkscape 0.92.4.-8
  • virtualbox 6.0.10-1
  • Last updated drivers
  • Unsupported drivers – Updated
  • AUR repos enabled
  • Multilib Arch repos enabled


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