BlackArch Linux 2019.09.01 is Released with Kernel 5.2.9

The BlackArch Linux Community has released the new version of BlackArch Linux 2019.06.01 ISOs and OVA image on yesterday (28th Aug, 2019).

This new release brings the 5.2.x Linux kernel.

Linux Kernel 5.2 includes Sound Open Firmware, Pressure Stall Information resource monitoring, BFQ I/O scheduler has gained some performance improvements, the ARM Mali t4xx and newer 6xx/7xx have been added and lot more.

Also, they have added more than 150 new tools that allows penetration testers to discover new things.

QA team has performed runtime checks against all the packages and penetration tool which are available in BlackArch Linux.

This runtime check ensures that everything is working as expected.

New mirror was added in China in 24 July 2019, it was offered by Tsinghua University.

What Is BlackArch Linux?

BlackArch is a penetration testing distribution based in Arch Linux that provides a large amount of cyber security tools.

This distro created specially for penetration testers and security researchers.

BlackArch Linux repository currently contains more than 2325 tools.

BlackArch Linux 2019.09.01 Change Log:

  • added more than 150 new tools
  • added terminus font for all WMs (thanks to psf for i3-wm bugfixes)
  • included linux kernel 5.2.9
  • new ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc (thanks to noptrix offering his config files)
  • updated blackarch-installer to v1.1.19
  • various improvements and bugfixes
  • removed dwm window manager
  • replaced the default terminal xterm with rxvt-unicode
  • updated look&feel: new BlackArch theme for WMs, grub, syslinux, etc. (special thanks to Erik!)
  • QA’ed and fixed all packages (runtime exec).
  • updated all blackarch tools and packages including config files
  • updated all system packages
  • updated all window manager menus (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)

BlackArch Linux 2019.09.01 Download Link:


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