Deluge 2.0.0 Major version is Released after continuous development of 2 Years and 5 Months

The Deluge development team is proudly announced the new major version release of Deluge 2.0.0 on 06 June, 2019.

In the following days (Deluge 2.0.1 on 07 June, 2019 & Deluge 2.0.2 on 08 June, 2019), they had been released the minor version of Deluge in the same branch to fix some of the issue, which have reported by users.

What is New in Deluge 2.0.0:

Migrated to Python 3 with minimal support retained for Python 2.7.

Shiny new logo.

Multi-user support.

Performance updates to handle thousands of torrents with faster loading times.

A New Console UI which emulates GTK/Web UIs.

GTK UI migrated to GTK3 with UI improvements and additions.

Magnet pre-fetching to allow file selection when adding torrent.

Fully support libtorrent 1.2 release.

Language switching support.

Improved documentation hosted on ReadTheDocs.

AutoAdd plugin replaces built-in functionality.

For 2.0.1: Fixed build error without git installed.

For 2.0.2: Added systemd deluged and deluge-web service files to package tarball.

For 2.0.2: Fixed Python 2 compatiblity issue with SimpleNamespace.


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