EasyOS 2.1 Released, Which is Based on Debian 10 “Buster”

EasyOS is an experimental distribution, which is designed from scratch to support containers.

Any app can run in a container, in fact an entire desktop can run in a container. Container management is by a simple GUI, it is named Easy Containers.

Easy Containers are extremely efficient, with almost no overhead — the base size of each container is only several KB.

Barry Kauler has announced the new release of EasyOS 2.1, which is based on Debian 10 “Buster”.

It’s called EasyOS “Buster” series.

The “Buster” series start from version 2.0. It was really a beta-quality build, to allow the testers to report back. The first official release is 2.1.

The main feature of Easy Buster is that it is built from Debian 10 Buster DEBs, using WoofQ (a fork of Woof2, used to build Puppy Linux).

Since it’s an experimental distribution, and some features are a work-in-progress and some of the operation might not work as expected. It will be fixed in the future releases.

EasyOS Buster 2.1 Download Link:


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