EndeavourOS 2019.09.15 Released and What’s New

Bryan Poerwoatmodjo has announced the new release of EndeavourOS’s 2019.09.15.

EndeavourOS is an Arch Linux based distribution with a pre-configured Xfce desktop.

Arc-x-icons is a complete and updated version of the Arch icon package that was previously used.

The new EndeavourOS Welcome Launcher allows you to open basic system commands and a hardware setup information wiki page with a single click.

Nvidia-installer is now installed by default, it also installs dkms drivers.

You can launch the Gtop computer monitor from Panel.

It is a good terminal based system load monitoring tool.

As part of the bug fixes, they removed the xf86-video-nouveau package. Also, they are working on some upstream bugs with Calamares.

As always, a general cleanup has been made.

Existing users can easily get the latest version of EndeavorOS by doing regular updates.

It uses a rolling release model so you don’t need to change anything in the repository.

Use the Pacman Package Manager to perform the upgrade.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

Brian instructs users to download the ISO directly from Torrent instead of downloading it with Github, so the Github page won’t be unburdened quicker.

EndeavourOS Download Link::


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