Fedora 28 Officially Reached End of Life (EOL), Users are Advised to Upgrade Fedora 30

Fedora 28 Linux operating system has officially reached End of Life (EOL) effective on May 28, 2019.

Users whoever still using Fedora 28, they are advised to upgrade the latest release of Fedora 30, which was released on April 30th.

It’s a good time to upgrade your system as this EOL version repositories won’t be get any updates from the Fedora community.

I mean to say, no updates will be pushed to any of the Fedora 28 repositories such as security, bugfix, or enhancement updates.

Also, they won’t add anymore new packages to Fedora 28 repositories.

It means, we shouldn’t run EOL operating system because we won’t be getting any benefits from the community.

It’s very risk and leads to face some security related issues when we run the EOL operating system.

Recap about Fedora 28:

  • Fedora 28 was released on May 1, 2018 (more than a year ago), which bundled over 9,700 updates.
  • GNOME 3.28
  • Easier options for third-party repositories
  • Automatic updates for the Fedora Atomic Host
  • The new Modular repository, allowing you to select from different versions of software for your system

Fedora Maintenance Schedule:

The Fedora Project offers updates for a Fedora release until a month after the second subsequent version releases.

It maintained for approximately 13 months because the supported period for releases is dependent on the date the release under development goes final. As a result, Release X is supported until one month after the release of Release X+2.

For Example:

  • Fedora 29 will be maintained until 1 month after the release of Fedora 31.
  • Fedora 30 will be maintained until 1 month after the release of Fedora 32.

How to upgrade to Fedora 30?

There is no difficult steps involved for upgrading Fedora from one version to another as they offering an upgrade through simple GUI.

You can upgrade either Fedora 29 or Fedora 30 but we are advised to go for Fedora 30 upgrade. Because Fedora 29 will only be supported until November 2019.

Fedora 30 was released on April 30th with all latest packages, kernel 5.0, GNOME 3.32, GCC 9, Bash 5.0 and PHP 7.3.

For CLI upgrade through DNF Utility

Refer the following article for Fedora upgrade through DNF utility

For Graphical Upgrade Through Gnome Software

Refer the following article for Fedora upgrade through Gnome software (Graphical upgrade)


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