Git 2.22.0 is Released, which Fixes many Bugs and other Performance Improvements

Git 2.22.0 is released, which fixes many bugs and addressed other performance improvements.

Added few new features and improved UI, Workflows. Also, done some code cleanup, docfix, build fix.

This new release has comes after three months of developments.

Four new configuration variables {author,committer}.{name,email} have been introduced to override user.{name,email} in more specific cases.

diff-tree option has been updated to use a more modern and human readable output that still is concise enough.

“git rebase –rebase-merges” replaces its old “–preserve-merges” option; latter this will be marked as deprecated.

“–recurse-submodules” cloning issue has been fixed.

A new hook “post-index-change” is called when the on-disk index file changes, which can help e.g. a virtualized working tree implementation.

“git difftool” can now run outside a repository.

A progress indicator has been added to the “index-pack” step, which inform the users to wait for completion of current “git clone”.

A more structured way to obtain execution trace has been added.

The command line parser of “git commit-tree” has been rewritten to use the parse-options API.

Dev support update to make it easier to compare two formatted results from our documentation.

The scripted “git rebase” implementation has been retired.

“git stash” has been rewritten in C.

Update collision-detecting SHA-1 code to build properly on HP-UX.

There are lot more things are done in this release. Refer the official release notes page for more information.


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