The Snap Store Desktop App is Available for Linux User

Canonical has released the snap store desktop app, which allow users to manage the snap apps easily through GUI.

Snap Store app is a fork of GNOME Software, which is optimized for the Snap experience.

Don’t think that won’t support other apps. It’s not limited to only manage snap applications, users can install other regular applications like repo apps, AppImage, Flatpak apps, etc via snap store.

How To Install And Enable Flatpak Support On Linux?

It allow users to browse, search, install and manage Snap apps on most of major Linux distribution.

Snap Store showcases featured and popular applications with useful descriptions, ratings, reviews and screenshots.

We can find the applications either through browsing categories or by searching them.

How To Install The Snap Store App In Linux?

Make sure you should have installed snapd in your system as a prerequisite to install snap store. If not, navigate to the below URL to install snapd in Linux.

How To Install And Use The Snap Brand New Package Manager On Linux?

Snapd is available in most of the distribution official repository.

Once, snapd installed and configured, run the following command to install snap store app.

$ sudo snap install snap-store

The snap store GUI screenshot


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