Kali Linux Team has Renamed their Meta-packages to More Meaningful

Kali Linux team has renamed their meta-packages to more meaningful to understand it in a better way.

This implementation will optimize Kali, reduce ISO size, and organize meta-packages in a better way.

Some of you may already know about it, however, i will give you an overview about meta-package before discuss further on this topic.

What’s Meta-package?

Meta-packages are specialized packages, they do not contain any files usually found in packages.

Meta-package is a way to collect and group related software packages, they simply depend on other packages to be installed.

It allows entire sets of software to be installed by selecting only the appropriate meta-package.

Say for example, Each Linux desktop environments comes with a wide range of applications, it can be installed by running a single command because they were already grouped together.

This will reduce download requirements, i mean to say, this will obtain all the Gnome packages in one download.

What are the Changes was made in Kali Linux

They had created new meta-packages and renamed existing ones.

Existing users whoever running Kali older than 2019.3, you will still have the same set of tools when you upgrade.

However, if you do a fresh install of Kali with a version higher than either weekly W34 or 2019.3 ISO, you will notice some of the tools are not get installed by default.

Because the default meta-package is changed from “kali-linux-full” to “kali-linux-default“.

Previously, kali-linux-full was the default meta-package, which has been renamed to kali-linux-large with a redirect put in place. We have introduced a new default meta-package called kali-linux-default, which serves as a slimmed-down version of the tools from kali-linux-large.

You can install the meta-package would suit you best. You can install multiple meta-packages at once and are not limited to just one, so mix and match.

Each of these meta-packages depends on the one above. So, if they add a new tool in one of the meta-package then it will added automatically to others.

Few of the details are listed below here. Navigate to their blog for more details about it.

  • kali-linux-default : It contains set of core tools (Designed for assessments that are straightforward)
  • kali-linux-large : It contains general and wider range of tools (useful if Internet access is permitted but slow)
  • kali-linux-everything : It contains everything (great if you are going to be doing air-gap/offline work)


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