Kwort Linux 4.3.4 is out, check what’s new

Kwort Linux team proudly announced the new release of Kwort Linux 4.3.4 on 16 June, 2019.

It’s CRUX-based distribution featuring with Openbox window manager and offering a own package manager called kpkg.

Kwort is a modern, small (included only useful applications) and fast Linux distribution that is designed especially for power users as it doesn’t offer any installer script.

And users needs to follow the official instruction to install the system manually.

Kwort Linux Desktop Screenshot

What’s new in Kwort 4.3.4?

Linux kernel 4.19.46 (Since there’s no LTS kernel released in 5.x series).

New toolchain including: glibc 2.28, gcc 8.3.0 and binutils 2.32.

Package manager has been upgrade to kpkg 130.

All the browsers are updated to latest version like Google Chrome: 75.0.3770.90, Mozilla Firefox 67.0.2 and Brave 0.68.50.

Kwort-choosers package has been replaced with kwort-tools including the old browser and custom xdg-open and the new kwort-mixer to support both sound backends (alsa and pulseaudio).

New UI shortcuts are now fully documented here.

Museeks music player added newly.

Very stable version of pulseaudio included, which is added almost after a year.

bluez5 package newly added in the system.

Added libglvnd package as an OS dependency (mainly required by mesa3d) to improve support for machines with multiples video cards.

To do so, run the following command, users whoever running Kwort Linux 4.3.4.

kpkg update && kpkg install libglvnd

To keep your system up-to-date, run the following command.

kpkg update && kpkg upgrade

Kwort Linux 4.3.4 Download Link:


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