Linux From Scratch (LFS) Stable Version 9.0 Released

What is Linux From Scratch (LFS)?

Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own custom Linux system, entirely from source code.

The Linux From Scratch community announces the release of LFS Version 9.0 on Sep 01, 2019.

Toolchain updates to glibc-2.30, and gcc-9.2.0 is a major changes in this release.

In total, 33 packages were updated since the last release.

The Linux kernel has also been updated to version 5.2.8.

The major version of LFS has changed to 9.

This has been done to keep LFS and BLFS version numbers synchronized.

You can read the book online, or download to read locally.

What is Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS)?

Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) is a project that continues where the LFS book finishes. It assists users in developing their systems according to their needs by providing a broad range of instructions for installing and configuring various packages on top of a base LFS system.

In this release, a new version of LFS using the systemd package is also being released. This package implements the newer systemd style of system initialization and control and is consistent with LFS in most packages.

You can read the systemd version of the book online at LFS-systemd, or download-systemd to read locally.

You can always reach out to LFS development team at [email protected] for any questions.


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