Mageia 7.1 Released to fix AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs Issue

Mageia 7 stable version was released on 01-July-2019, which came with lots of new Features, Exciting Updates and Support Latest Hardware’s.

But due to some reason, the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs didn’t play well and prevented any type of installation when the system starting up.

To fix this issue, they had released the emergency patch release of Mageia 7.1 to fix this issues on AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs, except for a net install.

It doesn’t harm any system, which is running on Mageia 6. Also, you can upgrade from Mageia 6 to Mageia 7 without any issues.

This release is primarily to fix installation on systems with the above CPU’s.

It was also fixed in AMD BIOS, AMD has released a BIOS fix to their motherboard partners that takes care of the issue around booting newer Linux distributions on the new Zen 2 processors.

Mageia 7.1 has a fixed version of systemd and all validated bugfix and security updates as of 2019/07/11. The core of the distribution remains untouched from Mageia 7.

Mageia 7.1 Download Link:


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