Network Security Toolkit (NST) 30 SVN 11210, which is Based on Fedora 30

Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Linux-based live operating system that provides a set of free and open-source computer security and networking tools to perform routine security and networking diagnostic and monitoring tasks.

It is based on Fedora and NST has included comprehensive set of Open Source Network Security Tools, which is published in website.

It is offering an advanced Web User Interface (GUI) for system/network administrator, which allows them to configure many network and security applications.

NST Team is pleased to announce the latest NST release of “NST 30 SVN:11210” on 1th July 2019.

This release is based on Fedora 30 with Linux Kernel “kernel-5.1.17-300”.

The NST WUI now supports geolocation of photos or videos that have embedded geotagged information. This provides the security professional with potential location and speed discovery when conducting a forensic analysis.

The combination of using the ExifTool utility for metadata extraction with the NST Mapping Tools provides this geolocation capability.

The NST WUI Directory Browser page has been enhanced to facilitate the entry point for photo and video geolocation. At first, if many images appear to overlap at the same location on the Google Map, a thumbnail representation will be presented. One can then zoom in to provide better image location separation to reveal individual photo or video detail.

If a video image can be geolocated (e.g., One generated by a Garmin Dash Cam 55), one can view and control the video with a new NST Map Data Layer Editor tool. This tool has many features including video frame segment location identification, speed colorization, measurement tools and video jump to control.

The nstnetcfg utility has been completely refactored to work with the Network Manager service. Support for adding IPv4 / IPv6 secondary addressing has been included.

Added a new NST WUI page to find all domains hosted on a web server. This makes use of the Reverse IP Domain Check tool provided at the you get signal website.

Added a new NST WUI page for the presentation of the ExifTool HtmlDump utility for exploring embedded Exchangeable Image File (Exif) format data found within an image.

Now building a GeoLite2 Country CSV (WhoIs) dataset for global host geolocation simulation.

Many NST WUI bug fixes were completed and enhancements were added including and new NST Shell Administration console menu.

As always, the networking and security applications included have been updated to their latest version which can be found in the manifest.

NST 30 SVN 11210 Download Link:


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