Opera GX – Opera Is Bringing First Gaming Web Browser

We got some interesting news from Opera blog about a new gaming browser.

Opera team is currently developing a new gaming web browser called “Opera GX”.

Opera’s first gaming browser will be released soon.

Sign up to the below link, if you would like to get early access to Opera GX.

There is no much information about Opera GX and they gave heads up about it.

There is no much information about Opera GX at this moment. However, they given hints about the new release of Opera GX.

Opera GX is a new and special version of web browser made with those of you who play games in mind.

If you are looking for first look of Opera NX then navigate to the Opera GX link.

Opera GX first look screenshot is below.

Opera GX offering a color picker that changes the theme of the browser. You can give a try right away.

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