PCLinuxOS 2019.06 latest Stable Release is ready for Download

PCLinuxOS team proudly announced the new release of PCLinuxOS 2019.06 on 16 June, 2019.

It’s a free and beginner-friendly, desktop-oriented Linux distribution featuring with latest KDE Plasma 5.16 and MATE 1.22.1.

PCLinuxOS with KDE Plasma 5.16

It’s shipped with the latest kernel version of kernel 5.1.10.

PCLinuxOS is a free easy to use Linux-based Operating System for x86_64 desktops or laptops.

This ISO comes with the latest version of the below applications and some additional applications are included.

  • Timeshift – backup and restore utility
  • Bitwarden – a free and open source password management solution
  • Darktable – photo manipulation software
  • Gimp – image editing software
  • Digikam – image management software
  • Megasync – store your files in the cloud
  • Teamviewer – control another computer from yours
  • Rambox – store many applications in one place
  • Simplenotes – a note-taking application with markdown support
  • Kodi – a multimedia center
  • Kazam – a screen capture utility
  • Calibre – the one stop solution for all your e-book needs.
  • Skrooge – banking software
  • LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Strawberry music player and VLC video player.

The standard compliment of KDE applications are below.

  • KDE Applications 19.04.2
  • KDE Frameworks 5.59.0
  • KDE Plasma 5.16.0

For Mate Desktop, it’s shipped with MATE 1.22.1.

It’s offering an other desktops too through Community Releases, which is driven by Community.

Community releases are PCLinuxOS ISOs created by the community for the community and are available in various default desktops. Community released ISOs are designated with the prefix community.

PCLinuxOS 2019.06 Download Link:


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