Project Trident 19.06 is Released, which added a lot of changes from upstream FreeBSD and TrueOS

Trident Project have announced the release of Project Trident 19.06 on July 28, 2019, which added a lot of changes from upstream FreeBSD and TrueOS.

Project Trident is a desktop-focused rolling release operating system based on TrueOS. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system that both BSD beginners and advanced system administrators.

This release brings a lot of new packages and updated most of the existing packages to latest available version.

Not only package updates also, they made few of changes in the base package.

There are a lot of changes from upstream FreeBSD and TrueOS in this release, from additional “-bootstrap” base packages to the renaming of the “zol” flavor of base packages to “nozfs”, as the “zol” version of the ZFS packages was also renamed to “openzfs”.

In addition to this, a ton of the default settings from upstream TrueOS were changed.

Make a note, we should to run the following command before performing the system upgrade due to the base package changes.

$ sudo pkg install -fy sysup

It will forcibly update your system to adopt the new layout of the base packages.

Notable Package Changes

Browser Updates:

  • chromium (www/chromium) : 73.0.3683.103_2 -> 75.0.3770.100
  • firefox (www/firefox) : 67.0_1 -> 67.0.4
  • firefox-esr (www/firefox-esr) : 60.6.3_1 -> 60.7.2
  • iridium-browser (www/iridium) : 2018.5.67_10 -> 2019.04.73

Graphics System Updates:

  • gpu-firmware-kmod (graphics/gpu-firmware-kmod) : g20190219 -> g20190620
  • drm-current-kmod (graphics/drm-current-kmod) : 4.16.g20190430 -> 4.16.g20190519

Other Updates:

  • virtualbox-ose (emulators/virtualbox-ose) : 5.2.28 -> 5.2.30

Packages Summary:

New Packages: 342
Deleted Packages: 108
Updated Packages: 2739

Project Trident 19.06 Download Link:


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