Red Hat has Released Critical Security Updates for Firefox

Red hat has released critical security updates for Firefox.

This release fixes around 13 vulnerabilities against Firefox web browser.

Date Reported: N/A

Fix Released On: 24-May-2019

Severity Level: Critical

Affected Packages: Firefox

Affected Operating System & Version:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 8


Multiple vulnerabilities was found on Firefox.

All these issues are fixed in Firefox 60.7.0 ESR, which is available in the repository.

For more details about the security issues, and other related information, refer to the CVE pages.

Refer the following Link for installing security updates to Red hat (RHEL) and CentOS Systems.

Security Fix(es):

  • Mozilla: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 67 and Firefox ESR 60.7 (CVE-2019-9800)
  • Mozilla: Cross-origin theft of images with createImageBitmap (CVE-2019-9797)
  • Mozilla: Type confusion with object groups and UnboxedObjects (CVE-2019-9816)
  • Mozilla: Stealing of cross-domain images using canvas (CVE-2019-9817)
  • Mozilla: Compartment mismatch with fetch API (CVE-2019-9819)
  • Mozilla: Use-after-free of ChromeEventHandler by DocShell (CVE-2019-9820)
  • Mozilla: Use-after-free in XMLHttpRequest (CVE-2019-11691)
  • Mozilla: Use-after-free removing listeners in the event listener manager (CVE-2019-11692)
  • Mozilla: Buffer overflow in WebGL bufferdata on Linux (CVE-2019-11693)
  • mozilla: Cross-origin theft of images with ImageBitmapRenderingContext (CVE-2018-18511)
  • chromium-browser: Out of bounds read in Skia (CVE-2019-5798)
  • Mozilla: Theft of user history data through drag and drop of hyperlinks to and from bookmarks (CVE-2019-11698)
  • libpng: use-after-free in png_image_free in png.c (CVE-2019-7317)

Red hat Security Advisory References:

Security Database References (CVE):


This update upgrades Firefox to version 60.7.0 ESR.

After installing the update, Firefox must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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