Redcore Linux 1908 Released, Which Fixes Many of the Pending Bugs

Redcore Linux developer has released the new version of Redcore Linux 1908 and code name is Mira.

This release fixes most of the outstanding bugs and some more polishing. Also, added new features as well.

Bunch of packages (1000+) got updated because this release is based on Gentoo’s testing branch, unlike previous releases which were based on a mix of Gentoo’s stable and testing branches.

Starting from Redcore Linux 1908, the packages shold be up-to-date since it’s using Gentoo’s testing branch.

vasile (versatile advanced script for iso and latest enchantments) utility is deprecated and those features merged in sisyphus package manager.

CLI interface is now hybrid by default, it will install binaries if found, otherwise it will compile from sources.

GUI interface comes with process box, which tell you what is going on in real time.

Sisyphus package manager is now able to detect how many CPU cores are active on a system and improve the performance based on it.

Users are allowed to switch between Redcore Linux’s branches (master -> stable and next -> testing)

Redcore Linux 1908 Changes:

  • Linux kernel 5.1.20 & 4.19.60 (LTS) are available.
  • apparmor is now enabled by default
  • samba can now access Win10 shares by default
  • qt5 updated to v5.12.4, KDE Plasma updated to v5.16.4, LXQT updated to v0.14.1, KDE frameworks updated to v5.60.0, KDE apps updated to v19.04.3
  • graphics stack updated with mesa v19.1.3, libdrm v2.4.99, xorg-server v1.20.5
  • sound stack updated with alsa v1.1.9, pulseaudio v12.2
  • web browsers are updated as well with firefox v68.0.1, google-chrome v76.0.3809.87, opera v62.0.3331.99, vivaldi v2.6.1566.40
  • Many bugs got fixed.

Redcore Linux 1908 Download Link:


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