SparkyLinux 5.8 released, which is Based on Debian 10 Buster

SparkyLinux Team is pleased to announce the latest stable release of SparkyLinux 5.8 on 17th July 2019.

This release is based on Debian 10 “Buster” and codenamed “Nibiru”.

This is the 1st point release of the new stable line 5.8.

Notable changes on SparkyLinux 5.8

  • Linux kernel 4.19.37-5 (i686 & amd64)
  • Linux kernel 4.19.57-v7+ (ARMHF)
  • The Calamares installer updated up to version 3.2.11
  • apt-daily.service disabled
  • sparky-tube installed as dafault
  • removed old 3rd party repositories
  • added obconf-qt (LXQt edition)
  • nm-tray installed instead of network-manager-gnome (LXQt edition)
  • network-manager added to CLI ARMHF image
  • Supported desktop environments LXQt, Xfce, MinimalGUI (Openbox), MinimalCLI (text mode), Openbox & CLI (text mode)
  • There are lot of small fixes

How to Upgrade SparkyLinux from SparkyLinux 5.x to SparkyLinux 5.8?

You no need to re-install your existing system with Sparky 5.8. If you have Sparky 5.x installed, run the following commands to upgrade the system to latest release version.

Refresh the repository index by running the following command.

$ sudo apt update

Install the sparky5-apt package to automatically changes its own repositories from testing to stable.

$ sudo apt install sparky-apt sparky5-apt

Again refresh the repository index by running the following command.

$ sudo apt update

Finally run the below command to perform the full system upgrade.

$ sudo apt full-upgrade

SparkyLinux 5.8 Download Link:


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