Tails 3.14 Is Out And What’s New Features

Tails 3.14 is out today (2019-05-21), this release fixes many security vulnerabilities.

Tails team is advising users to upgrade the latest version as soon as possible.

Tails or The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution designed to be used from a USB stick or a DVD independently of the computer’s original operating system.

All its incoming and outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor. It aims to provide anonymous access (users privacy).

Notable Changes in this release:

  • Updated Linux kernel to 4.19.37 and most firmware packages. It should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Updated Tor Browser to 8.5.
  • Removed the following Desktop and Command Line applications from the base repository.

Desktop applications

  • Gobby
  • Pitivi
  • Traverso

Command-line tools

  • hopenpgp-tools
  • keyringer
  • monkeysign
  • monkeysphere
  • msva-perl
  • paperkey
  • pwgen
  • ssss
  • pdf-redact-tools

The above applications can be installed using the Additional Software feature.

Tails 3.14 size is 34MB after removed these above applications.

Fixed problems:

Add back the OpenPGP Applet and Pidgin notification icons to the top navigation bar.

Fix NoScript being deactivated when restarting Tor Browser.

Known issues:

On some computers, after installing Tails to a USB stick, Tails starts a first time but fails to start a second time. They are investigating this issue and we may get an update shortly.

How To Perform Tails 3.14 Upgrade?

Automatic upgrades are available from 3.12, 3.12.1, 3.13, 3.13.1, and 3.13.2 to 3.14.

If automatic upgrade fails or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, then go for manual upgrade.

References: Tails 3.14 release notes

Tails 3.15 Roadmap?
Tails 3.15 is scheduled for July 9. For details @ Tails 3.15 roadmap.

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