The Debian project plans to release the new Debian 10 (buster) on July

The Debian project does not have a scheduled release date.

They will be publishing a new versions when they completes the development instead of a specific time-line.

Debina project have said in a recent mailing list announcement that they plan to release the upcoming release of Debian 10 (buster) on 2019-07-06.

Niels Thykier advised team/users to upload any bug fixes prior to the freeze. During this period testing will be completely frozen and only emergency bug fixes will be considered in this period.

If the bug fix changes are not ready to testing, which will not be included in buster for the initial release.

Those bugs can be fixed in buster via point releases.

Please make a note, the absolute last moment for submitting unblock requests for buster is 2019-06-25 at 13:00 UTC.

If anything comes after this deadline, it will be considered and can be included in the next point release.

The last minute unblock requests should follow the below guidelines.

  • You must submit your unblock request before deadline.
  • Your changes must be ready to migrate to buster at that time
  • Upload several days before the deadline

The automatic removals are still in effect and may still remove packages up to that date. Also, some packages will be removed manually before the auto-removal deadline.

They are entering into the final part of the freeze so, future changes and unblock requests limited to the below things.

They will only accept targeted fixes now and other changes will not be accepted.

  • RC bugs
  • Patches for crashes/memory leaks/etc.
  • Security bug fixes
  • Regressions compared to stretch
  • stretch to buster upgrade issues
  • Documentation fixes + translation updates (preferably bundled with a fix for at least one of the problems listed above and nothing else)


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