User Friendly Zorin OS 15 has been released, based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

Ever since the first release of the Zorin OS nearly a decade ago, has launched its next major version of the operating system: Zorin OS 15.

In this new release, every aspect of the user experience has been redefined and refined. Zorin OS allows the user to deal with the installation of apps, on how to get works done, and on how to interact with the devices around you.

Refer the following article, if you are looking for Zorin OS installation steps

Zorin OS 15 combines the most powerful technology with the most user-friendly design for the desktop experience.

This Linux Desktop Operating System has been created not only for engineers and for power users, allowing everyone to experience the user-friendly design.

Getting Zorin OS 15:

Zorin OS 15 Core and Ultimate are available to download immediately as 64-bit ISOs. The Lite and Education editions of Zorin OS 15 will be available later in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. For more details, check out Zorin Blog.

Zorin Ultimate Lite edition will be available free, for those who has purchased Zorin OS 15 Ultimate. Await for the launch of Zorin Ultimate Lite version release.

Upgrade Zorin OS 15:

Zorin OS upgrade to the new version can be performed using the below link.

Direct upgrades from Zorin OS 12 to 15 without re-installing the operating system, will be available later this year.

Android Phone and Desktop Connect:

Zorin Connect:

Zorin Connect integrates effortlessly into the Zorin OS desktop to merge between your computer and Android phone based on GSConnect and KDE Connect, allowing you to:

  • Sync your phone’s notifications with your computer
  • Browse photos from your phone
  • Reply to SMS messages and view conversations with your contacts
  • Share files and web links between devices
  • Use your phone as a remote control for your computer
  • Control media playback on your computer from your phone, and pause playback automatically when a phone call arrives.

All communications are RSA encrypted end-to-end and happen on your Wi-Fi or local network so no data is being sent to the cloud.

Zorin Connect can be accessed from the Zorin menu > System Tools > Zorin Connect.

Zorin Connect Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Zorin Auto Theme:

Zorin OS 15 has designed the desktop to better adapt to the environment around you. Zorin Auto Theme is a new feature, which automatically switches the desktop theme into Dark mode at sunset and back to light mode after sunrise.

Night Light theme is also new to Zorin OS 15, which gradually reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the screen at night. It can be enabled from the Displays panel in the Settings app.

Touch Mode:

Touch Screen function can be enjoyed, If you have a tablet, convertible laptop or interactive whiteboard.

New touch desktop layout can be switched with one click from the Zorin Appearance app. Multi touch gestures make it easier to navigate the desktop, with a 4 finger swipe up or down to switch between workspaces, and 3 finger pinch revealing the Activities.

Tool Bar Design:

Latest LibreOffice 6.2 version has been refreshed and modernized, to enhance the toolbar design.

Do not disturb mode:

Zorin OS 15 introduces a simple toggle in the message tray to silence notifications.

To Do app:

Zorin OS 15 introduced the ‘To Do app’ through which you can save the ‘To-Do’s’ locally on your computer, or sync them with online services such as Google Tasks and Todoist.

Other improvements:

  • Color emoji support
  • Firefox is the new default web browser
  • Evolution is included with Microsoft Exchange support built-in
  • New system font – Inter
  • New artwork – desktop backgrounds and boot splash screen
  • New customization settings for the taskbar and Zorin menu in the Panel tab of Zorin Appearance
  • Zorin menu opens with the super key by default. This setting can be changed in the “Panel” tab of Zorin Appearance
  • Preview of Wayland – A new display server with app sandboxing & improved security
  • Thunderbolt 3 device support
  • Network captive portal detection
  • Bulk file renaming in the File browser
  • NVIDIA drivers available from the Live ISO
  • Based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with Hardware Enablement (HWE) stack

Linux Apps:

Zorin OS 15 new release is ready for the future of Linux apps with support for all of the major containerized package formats on Linux. Flatpak support is now built into the operating system out of the box. You can add Flatpak repositories such as Flathub to your system and install apps graphically using the updated Software app.


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