Xfce 4.14 Desktop Officially Released After 4 Years and 5 Months of Development

The Xfce team pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.14, a new stable version of 4.x series on 12th Aug, 2019.

It was released after continues development of 4 years and 5 months, finally we saw this long-awaited release.

In this release, they were ported all core components to Gtk3 (over Gtk2) and GDBus (over D-Bus GLib).

Most components also received GObject Introspection support.

Along with this, they had added quite few new features and improvements and fixed some bugs.

What’s New in Xfce 4.14:

  • The window manager received a numerous updates and features, including support for VSync to reduce or remove display flickering, HiDPI support, improved GLX support with NVIDIA proprietary, support for XInput2, various compositor improvements and a new default theme.
  • Xfce Panel got the following improvements such as improved window grouping in the tasklist plugin and improved default panel layout.
  • For desktop, it supports for icon arrangement, Users can able to sync their wallpapers to AccountsService right from context menu.
  • For Session Manager there are lot of improvements was made like hybrid sleep support, default session startup, add and edit autostart entries, switch user button and improved session chooser and settings dialogs.
  • Thunar file manager got a lot of features and fixes like, completely reworked pathbar, support for larger thumbnails and tab navigation.
  • The thumbnailing service tumbler received a lot of fixes and support for the Fujifilm RAF format.
  • The application finder can now optionally be opened as a single window and can now be more easily navigated with the keyboard only.
  • The power manager received a lot of bugfixes and some smaller features.

A new settings was added to manage color profiles completely.

Users are now able to save and (automatically) restore complete multi-display configurations.

Have added an option to enable Gtk window scaling to the appearance dialog.

Other improvements:

  • The Parole media player comes with a new “mini mode” and automatic choosing of the best available video backend.
  • The Ristretto image viewer has gained various user interface improvements and support for setting the desktop wallpaper.
  • The screenshooter now allows users to move the selection rectangle and at the same time displays its width and height.
  • Our clipboard manager now has improved keyboard shortcut support (through a port to GtkApplication), improved and more consistent icon sizing as well as a new application icon.
  • The terminal emulator comes with a huge amount of bug fixes and improvements.
  • The status notifier panel plugin provides a next-generation system tray where applications can show indicators.
  • Catfish file search is like an old friend for most Xfce users – now it’s officially part of Xfce!
  • Finally Panel Profiles, which allows you to backup and restore your panel layouts, has moved under the Xfce umbrella.

The notification service comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode, which suppresses all notifications. Also, they added a new panel plugin to collect and show missed notifications when you enable “Do Not Disturb” mode.

install xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin -> Right-click the panel → Add New Items -> Add the Status Notifier Plugin

Xfce brought their own Screensaver application that blanks the screen or fills it with images when the computer is idle; a locker that provides session security.


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